KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering Call for Proposals – 2017 Special Issue

Dear KSCEE members,

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering Call for Proposals – 2017 Special Issue

The KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering invites proposals for a Special Issue on a theme related to the topics of our Journal: all areas of research in civil engineering. Special issues are designed to provide a platform and give the opportunity to summarize the state-of-the-art on a specific theme, share new perspectives, and initiate discussion on the latest theoretical research. The KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering publishes one special issue each year.

This open call invites researchers to submit a proposal for a special issue to be published in February, 2017.

Proposals begin as short written proposals (up to 3 pages) which are considered once a year by the Journal editors. Prospective Guest Editor(s) should submit a Proposal Form to our Journal’s Editor-in-Chief (EIC), outlining:
– Their Guest Editor team and their credentials;
– The topic for the Special Issue;
– The importance of the topic and reasons for having a Special Issue in our Journal;
– The aim and scope for the Special;
– Prospective Schedule;
– Guest Editor’s CVs.
– List of potential invited papers

The selection of the special issue proposal will be made by the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) under the unanimous decision of a dedicated sub-committee composed by selected members of our Journal’s editorial board. The impetus for a Special Issue may come from our Journal’s editorial team or influential scholars. Each submitted proposal will be evaluated and rated based upon the following criteria:
– Completeness of proposal;
– Recognition of the prospective Guest Editor(s);
– Timeliness and coherence of topics;
– Respect of due dates set in the timeline.

The process by which Special Issue manuscripts are handled is identical to that of regular submissions to our Journal through standard rigorous peer review procedure.

Special issue proposals can be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Office atejournal@ksce.or.kr by December 18, 2015.

For detailed information please see the Regulation and Guideline of Special Issue at


※ The timeline may be subjected to change according to the decision of the Editorial Board.

Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

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