Membership Qualification

There shall be five (5) groups or classifications of membership: regular member, student member, Korean member, honorary member, and organizational member.

Regular Member and Student Member

  • Any Korean or Korean-American professional residing in North America and working for civil, environmental, transportation, structural, and other related infrastructure research, education, and industry, with a Bachelor degree or above, shall be eligible for Regular Member.
  • Any full-time student enrolled at University and majoring in engineering fields described above shall be eligible for Student Member.

Korean Member and Honorary Member


  • Any Korean professional residing in Korea and wanting to be involved in the Association’s activities shall be eligible for Korean Membership.
  • Honorary membership may be awarded to an individual who contributed in achieving the Association’s objectives by the President’s recommendation and Board of Directors approval.

Organizational Member


  • Any organization in North America or in Korea whose goals comply with Association objectives may be eligible for Organizational Membership.
  • Organization membership shall be approved by the Board of Directorsr

Membership Registration

Plese email your membership registration form to Secretary (