KSCEE Awards

KSCEE Awards 2023

KSCEE offers the KSCEE Awards to its members who demonstrate exemplary scholarly work or notable industry achievements, all in civil and environmental engineering. The $500 cash prize is given to the selected awardees from four categories.

Awards Categories:

  1. Student of the Year Award (post undergraduates) 
  2. Young Researcher of the Year Award (within five years of their Ph.D. degree)
  3. Young Professional of the Year Award (within five years of their professional career)
  4. Young Faculty of the Year Award (pre-tenure faculty) 

Submission Requirements:

  1. A cover page (download KSCEE Awards Cover Page)
  2. CV (up to three pages)
  3. A personal statement highlighting the key achievements (up to two text-only pages)
  4. Both undergraduate and graduate transcripts for Student of the Year Award (unofficial transcripts are accepted) 
  5. Consolidate all documents in a single pdf file and upload it via a Google form (https://forms.gle/3jZ7KVC6FE4qhVpaA)


  1. Submission due: March 31
  2. Announcement of awardees: April 30
  3. Award ceremony will be held at the KSCEE general meeting (around August 15) during the US-Korea Conference

For more information, you can contact KSCEE at seoyg89@gmail.com