About Us


The Korean-American Society of Civil and Environmental Engineers (KSCEE) was established on August 12, 2011 during the 2011 US-Korea Conference at Park City, Utah. KSCEE is also affiliated with the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) as one of affiliated professional societies (APS).  As a membership association, KSCEE is open for any Korean or Korean-American professional residing in North America and working for civil, environmental, transportation, structural, and other related infrastructure research, education, and industry, with a Bachelor degree or above.

Objectives of KSCEE

The objectives of KSCEE shall be promoting fellowship among Korean American civil and environmental engineers and helping members and junior professionals to achieve their fullest career potential through networking and sharing the technical information.


The KSCEE shall be operated as a non-profit organization and conduct the following activities to achieve the objectives above:

  1. Activities to promote fellowship among members.
  2. Activities to share information, provide career advices, and support technical advances in the areas of civil and environmental engineering in North America and Korea.
  3. Other activities to promote professional growth opportunities of the members.

KSCEE Bylaws